Our eco-friendly sandwich bags are made with 100% Organic cotton on the outside, food-safe nylon on the interior, and a PEVA moisture and air barrier layer in between.  We care about what touches your food and Luau Wraps offer ease of use with a consciousness in mind.

Using Luau Wraps can help anyone save on food budgets, by not buying individually packaged items with extra plastics, and help save plastic bags from going to the landfills. Sounds like a win-win situation to us! Each wrap saves 100's of baggies when incorporated into your daily life.

Our History

In 2009, my dear friend and I started Luau Wraps as a way to reduce our families' environmental footprint. When we weren't busy being moms, we both were busy sewing  each of our reusable, washable sandwich bags.  Luau Wraps  LLC has  continued growing ever since our first show debut and we love introducing our product to new customers.

We use the finest and most sustainable organic cotton on the outside; an FDA-approved special moisture and freshness barrier (PEVA), along with an easy to clean inner food-safe nylon, making what we feel to be the best reusable bag on the market.

Our products are easy to clean and re-use over and over again. See our product info for more information.

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Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags

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